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WP NewsMag Free WordPress Theme by www.wp-magazine.seThe
Conceditor WP NewsMag is my fith free theme for the WordPress Community
to use as see fit (it´s the same theme that we use for WP Magazine).
Modify it, change it, colorize it — do what you like, but keep the
copyright information in the footer intact. Other than that — enjoy!

PS! An extended commercial version will be available in the near future.

A Few Words About WP NewsMag

You do not have to use any plugins in order to get WP NewsMag up and
running. On the other hand, you may want to enhance the theme further
by the use of plugins. Feel free to experiment.


WP NewsMag is not just another WordPress theme — it´s more to it than meet the eye. Read here:

  • Fully widgetized with five custom sidebars
  • 100% CSS — easy to customize the look and feel to suite your needs
  • Hybrid blog/portfolio/photo/magazine style theme
  • 5 different front page category loops
  • Slider function for bottombar and featured articles
  • Three level CSS/JS dropdown menu
  • Utilization of Custom Fields for neat image display on the front page
  • Built in image transparency for linked images
  • Lot more…



1. Get yourself a copy of WordPress 2.5.1 (or later) and install it.

2. Change the category id:s for the front page to reflect your categories (it´s done in the index-php file).

You´re finished.

Using Custom Fields

For the front page loop images in the five featured sections
(categories) WP NewsMag uses Custom Fields. The key should be set to
“Image” (without the citation characters and with a capital “I”) for
the larger images and “Small” for the smaller images and the value is
simply the name of your image.

Like this: Key: Image and Value: name-of-image.jpg. (Key: “Small” for the smaller ones.)

The pictures should be uploaded to the folder “featured” in the WP
NewsMag template folder. If you want your images elsewhere you need to
change the paths in each of the five featured boxes in the index.php
file. Find this:

bloginfo(’template_url’); ?>/featured/

and change to whatever place you like on your server.

Different browsers

The WP NewsMag theme has been developed for Firefox. It should work
just fine on Opera, Netscape and Safari. Explorer has no known issues
so the theme should work just fine even on IE 6. But, feel free to
report bugs as well as solutions here. Creds will go into the
stylesheet file.

Good luck and enjoy!

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